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Winter visitors

It’s awesome to watch them. They are smart and playful,


I love Halloween. It’s fun and even though it has changed since I was a child it’s still
great. Just another way to get together with friends and family and blow some steam. In these difficult times we need it more than once a year. No matter your age there’s something to be enjoyed about this holiday.

Halloween is comming. Time for scary little things that go bump in the night to show themselves. Remember they get sugar elsewhere so limit it. Try giving small toys or erasers they like to collect.

When did it become Ok to cheat people? I’m not talking average people getting over on one another. I’m talking nation wide company who take your money and cheat you out of service! Sprint is fazing out their 3G service in favor of the new 4G. This is supposed to make everything better. Except there is no 4G where I live. I was talked into upgrading because “it would save me a bundle”. I had an unlimited 3G plan ( that’s being fazed out) Now I have a cap on useage. There is a 4G unlimited plan, but I don’t get 4G where I live. And to top it off they want almost $500 if I terminate my contract early. I believe I should be able to get out without any fees due to the fact that there is no 4G in my area. Sprint’s reppresenative should have told me there was no 4G in my area.

Sophia in the park

This is my youngest grandaughter. I took this photo about six months ago at our local park. Even when there’s no school we can still learn about the world we live in. Here Sophia is looking at ladybugs.

Sometimes the thing we fear the most is the one thing we need. When we face our fears we have growth. This leads to a better understanding of who we are. Most people would never go down that road. How sad for them. They’ll never know what they are missing. A chance for them to blossom.

Today is the first day I’m posting anything. This is a learning experiance for me and so far I like it. I’m just getting my feet wet. Soon I hope to share more.